How it works

  • The full working membership of the Guild are supplied with a list of eligible models (in categories / market segmentations) provided by the Validation Committee and are invited to vote for models which they believe should be considered by the Guild’s COTY Jury for nomination. Each full member is given a specific number of “votes” with which they indicate which models they believe should go forward for consideration for nomination by the Jury.
  • The Validation Committee, where necessary, calls upon manufacturers / importers / distributors for suitably verified numbers of vehicles made and sold or intended to be sold if required.
  • The manufacturers / distributors / importers may inform the SAGMJ in writing of any particular models they do not wish to have considered in the competition. Such notice must be fully motivated, and this information is taken forward to the Validation Committee. These submissions must be received at the SAMGJ office before the closing date.
  • The members of the Validation Committee (who have been selected for their expert knowledge of the South African passenger market and road testing) convene to address the input from the manufacturers, other sources and the votes from the full working membership to produce a list for final consideration by the Jury members.

At the Jury Meeting the Jury are presented with the full list of the finalists and the votes these vehicles received when voted upon by the Jury, and a decision is then taken as to how many of the finalists make the final testing days based purely on the number of votes received during this process. The only discussion and debate is around at which point in the list provided the cutoff for the entry into the finals takes place.

The announcement of the finalists takes place at a special function.

During the Test Days, Guild Evaluators, who must be Jury Members, carry out a series of dynamic and static assessments to each of the nominated models.

  • Static and dynamic evaluation takes place over the test period. The evaluation takes place within a controlled test environment and is geared towards testing all facets of the driving experience relevant to the particular vehicle and the competition in order to determine a winner.
  • To assist in the evaluation processes, Evaluators are provided with comparative information charts drawn from the entry forms, information supplied by the participants and by the Guild. A basket of parts comparative prices list is also made available.

The Car Of The Year is selected by the collective assessment of the Guild Evaluators as reflected in the combined number of points scored during this process.

  • A Jury member is allocated 25 points to use in the judging of the finalists.
  • A Jury member is not allowed to allocate more than 10 points to any one vehicle, and may not vote for less than three vehicles and no more than a maximum of five vehicles.
  • The vehicle with the maximum number of points and the end of the Test Days is deemed the winner.
  • The outcome, so achieved, is final.

The name of the overall winner, the SA Guild of Motoring Journalists WesBank Car Of The Year for that year, is announced at a function hosted by WesBank.